Their activities has always been laced with a dose of violence and radicalism. Some even say that they enjoy terrorism.

Amid the general confusion about who to vote for in the upcoming elections, confused South African voters have managed to maintain their unrivalled sense of humour.

Popular Twitter user and ANC supporter Zinhle Khumalo (@zinhlemakhumalo) shared her sentiments on a recent move made by President Cyril Ramaphosa before being advised by one of her followers to save herself some trouble by voting for the EFF.

Khumalo did not take too kindly to the suggestion and she jokingly labelled the party “Boko Haram Interns” following recent reports on the increasingly militant behaviour of the party’s supporters.

The conversation then spiralled into a war amongst supporters for each party. One EFF supporter shared an image of Umkonto weSizwe veterans in response and likened them to the infamous terrorist organization, Al Shabaab.