A new poll by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) has shown that support for the ANC is declining ahead of the national elections in May.

The poll revealed that the ANC currently enjoys the support of 54.7% of voters – a 1.3% decline since December. As of February, ANC support is down 7.4% from the last election.

“The ANC’s general decline from 2014 can be almost exclusively attributed to the EFF. The ANC and the EFF are locked in a battle for between 5% and 10% of alienated black ANC voters,” said Gareth van Onselen, the institute’s head of politics and governance.

“Where those voters end up on 8 May will go some way towards determining the fate of these two parties. It is clear those 5% to 10% of alienated black ANC voters are fluid and have to one degree or another shifted between the ANC and EFF over the past five months.”