There is an ongoing land invasion going on in some areas of the country. A lot of people are  blaming the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema for calling on his supporters to grab land.

Fed up with waiting for RDP housing, a large group of people moved to occupy a vast expanse of land near Molweni, in Durban’s outer West region.

eThekwini spokesperson Tozi Mthethwa said that the Land Invasion Unit are aware of the matter.

Commenting on the matter, the EFF leader Julius Malema encouraged South Africans to take any piece of land if it is unoccupied.

He also assured South Africans that regardless of how the situation in the country is, he can still save blacks, only if they can give him a chance to be President.

Malema then compared himself to Jesus who had to die on the cross to save his people.

”Unlike Jesus, i don’t need a silly cross to save my people. I believe i’m the Messiah of our time. I am going to save this nation like Jesus Saved Christians. Except, i will be able to save you without some silly cross,” said the CIC.