Kgalema Motlanthe, the former deputy president who also served as president for few months between 25 September 2008 and 9 May 2009, following the resignation of Thabo Mbeki has come out to accuse the parliament of failing to give effect to section 25 of the constitution by passing laws to ensure equitable redistribution of land.

Durinf a dialogue at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg on yesterday with Ricardo Lagos, the former president of Chile, Motlanthe said there needed to be a framework for implementation of land reform instead of amending the constitution. He said “Such a law has never been passed. Instead we find fault with section 25 and yet that’s not where the horse is buried.”

It is recalled that last year, the former president shared a similar sentiment, criticising the ANC and the EFF’s push to amend the constitution. Motlanthe said if a law was passed it would create a framework for issuing title deeds, for security of tenure to farm dwellers and for security of tenure for people living under traditional leadership.  He has in the past clashed with traditional leaders over his views on land reform; he noted yesterday that South Africa had the advantage of hindsight.

Motlanthe further bemoaned the state of inequality in South Africa; He said “It’s like we have two countries in same borders. One is a developed country and another is an underdeveloped country.” While relating to the matter. Chile former president said “Democracy has to change because people will opt for populism,” he believed that as people change, so should policies.

The Parliament is currently dealing with a push to amend section 25 of the constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation. This move was a direct result of a resolution of the ANC’s 2017 national conference in Nasrec.