Horrifying emergency footage captures the moment an abusive ex-boyfriend smashed through a woman’s front door threatening to kill her.

Aaron Booth has been jailed for 14 years after stabbing his former partner Zahra Rechelle and putting a knife to her throat in the attack.



Zahra, now aged 31, managed to run from the property only to be stabbed repeatedly in the legs and side. Booth, 27, then held a knife to his victim’s throat in front of officers who had arrived at the scene and threatened to kill her if they came any closer.

Armed only with batons and captor spray, police pleaded with him to not harm her further. According to police, he finally walked away from his victim and returned to her address in Glossop where officers entered a three hour standoff.

After pleading guilty to wounding with intent, he was sentenced as his victim bravely watched on from the public gallery.

Judge Richard Mansell QC praised her in helping bring Booth to justice and ensuring that others would not become a victim at his hands. He said: ‘You have been brave in the extreme. You have not just protected yourself; you have protected other women.” His victim told officers how Booth was charming when they first met in 2017 and – despite warnings from friends about his previous behaviour – began a relationship with him early the following year. She came to realise why her friends were concerned about Booth as his abusive behaviour came to the fore.