The families of two Mamelodi East families are seeking assistance from the general public to help locate their 13-year-old-boys who has been missing since on Saturday.

The two boys, Pontso Kwenaite a Grade 6 learner at Sediba sa Thuto Primary School and Lungani Hobyane a Grade 7 learner at Nwa’vhani Primary School where reportedly seen climbing an unknown vehicle, which took them off and never returned, a local resident said.

The families has also reported to the police but where unable to disclose what they were wearing before their disappearance.

Police spokesperson St Mabel Sibanda also disclosed that a police investigation is already taking place, seeks the general public to also assist in locating the two young boys.

Parents of the kids, Fredah Hobyane and Eliabeth Kwenaite said the boys were best friends, always playing together and visit each other mostly but have never left without telling them where they were going.

One of the parents Hobyhane also appeal with the public and authorities at the border to search vehicles driving to other neighboring countries so as to make sure nothing bad happens to the boys.

Anyone with any information about their where about should contact the police on 08600 10 111