Animal Welfare Shelter in Cape Town last week received a visit from two brothers aged 14 and 8 from Philippi who brought a sick dog (Lady) for medical attention.

The boys family had lost everything in a fire and had saved up R7 to buy shoes for the youngest boy but instead wanted to pay for Lady’s medical care using the last R7.

Allan Perrins, Head of Communications and resource development at Animal Welfare Shelter says they decided to give back the boys their R7 and gave Lady free treatment worth R25 000.

“I received a call from one of the hospital staff that Lady is doing well and we are hoping that in the next two weeks Lady will be reunited with the community.”

While having this conversation a CapeTalk listener called in to make a R1000 donation to the two boys Peter and Jerry.

“We have crowned the two boys junior welfare ambassadors. Yesterday they were presented with little tracksuits which have their names embroidered “Peter and Jerry Junior Animal Welfare Ambassadors. They are absolute role models for anybody the love and unselfishness that those boys displayed is nothing short of utterly commendable.”