The Association of sex workers have reportedly endorsed Cyril Ramaphosa as their candidate in the upcoming national  elections on 8 May.

This is coming months after President Cyril Ramaphosa had earlier issued a notice that, in the near future, sex work in South Africa may be decriminalised.

Women and children are already suffering the most as victims of violence and sexual abuse, with the law doing little to nothing to protect them. This case is even worse for females, transgenders and males, who work in the sex industry.

In South Africa, the transactional exchange of sex is deemed as an illegal activity. Both parties — the buyer and the seller — are seen as committing a crime when one accepts cash for sex.

Organisations such as the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Task Force (SWEAT) is one of the many civic organisations that have been pushing for legislative changes on the prohibition of sex as a recognised business.

A report from the South African Law Commission with legislative proposal around adult prostitution in South Africa was expected to be released for public comment soon.

Responding to questions from MPs in the National Assembly, Ramaphosa said various legislative proposals were contained in the report.

The sex workers group vowed to mobilize its members across the country for the presidential candidate.

The spokesperson Lima, confirmed that the members of the Association have stormed been mobilised across the nation ahead of National and provincial election.

She said under the current government, their ”bed-to-wealth” promises to  increase in patronage.

“We shall be mobilizing our members across the country to work for the election of our candidate. I shall let you know of our next step,”