Lions on the road in the Kruger National Park.

A lion got the fright of its life when the tyre it was chewing on exploded.

Sean Obeirne, 13, and his family were on their way to breakfast at Tshokwane camp in the Kruger National Park when they encountered a pride of lions on the road.

“We were one of the first cars at the sighting but the road quickly filled with cars, as it tends to do in Kruger with an amazing sighting,” Obeirne said. After about half an hour a young male lion approached one of the cars at the sighting.

“I had been filming the entire interaction but wasn’t prepared for what I captured. In the midst of our childish jokes, there was an almighty bang and the lion investigating the car ran off in fright,” Obeirne said. The lion had given the car a flat tyre.

Obeirne’s family approached the car to lend a hand.

“The tyre changing went as smoothly as could be expected in such a setting and we managed to make it to breakfast no more than three-and-a-half hours late and with an additional three people,” Obeirne said.

According to the Kruger National Park, one should not change a tyre in the event of a flat because getting out of your vehicle can be dangerous, particularly around lions.

Fortunately the fright seems to have kept the lions away from Obeirne’s family, but if you find yourself in a similar situation remain in your vehicle and call the park administration to send a breakdown service.

If you aren’t within cellphone range, get a passing vehicle to do so once it is in cellphone range.  Nor was the lion.