Economic Freedom Fighters member of Parliament and is the party’s national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has reacted to the recent crisis against foreign nationals and just like Malema, he blames white monopoly capital for it. Read he tweets below;

“It’s not foreigners that stole your job, it is white monopoly capital that refuses to give you a job. It is also the ANC that refuses/failed to create a Job for you. BUT after chasing foreigners away; you will still be unemployed! Then what are you going to blame: OTHER TRIBES?”

“Those who say our problem is Africans from the continent, after they violently lead you to drive them out, they will soon tell you that other tribes are a problem: Zulu, Tsonga, Sotho etc. THEN WHAT? After you kill each other… Then what: who remains in South Africa?”

“The violent looting that is taking place in Gauteng is a popular continuation of what government & the SAPS were doing two weeks ago on “counterfeit” confiscations from black foreign nationals. It is a state initiated & sponsored xenophobic violence targeting Africans!”

“The spread of Illegal or counterfeit goods is not exclusively done by Africans. They are everywhere, even in Malls like in Sandton, China Mall etc. SO, it is a LIE that government was confiscating counterfeit goods. They were engaged in a program to antagonize Africans!”

He also said if people want to get thing done they should march to the police stations as they are also the enablers of criminals

“There is problem of crime in South Africa & lawlessness. This problem is NOT caused by non-South Africans. But by corrupt, inefficient and lazy policing. You want to fix crime, MARCH/PROTEST to/at a police station. They are the ones who are collaborating with criminals!”

“The REASON police have not done work with “counterfeit” goods & DRUGS is because they benefit from it through an underground economy of BRIBERY. So, EVEN if you can shutdown boarders to Africans, DRUGS & COUNTERFEIT goods will be from local & non-African shops like China, Europe!”

He said that even if all African immigrants where to leave, Black South Africans will still be jobless

“The reality that South Africans must face is: even if all our African siblings from the continent can leave. You will still be unemployed, hungry & in danger of RAPE, MURDER & CRIME WHY? Because YOU are the problem. Your government, the one you VOTE for, doesn’t care about you!”

He also added that the ruling ANC also share in the blame of the current economic issues in the country

“Black South Africans face the greatest suffering from Government & white Monopoly Capital. This is who has failed to give you jobs. They have also failed to make the country safe. There is no foreigner that messed up your country. FACE IT: ANC messed up your country!”