A Durban  gay pastor has stoutly condemned the wide spread negative comments targeted at the gay community’ insisting that the comments are borne out of envy and deep seated hatred.

According to him, homophobic comments made during a sermon at the Grace Bible Church, saying the utterances were hate speech.

“I am deeply saddened that a church leader of the stature of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has promoted an anti-gay attitude by preaching hate speech,” Reverend Andre Muller from the Dutch Reformed Church said on Wednesday.

Muller was speaking out after the #GraceBibleChurch tag trended on Twitter over the weekend.

Local celebrity Somizi Mhlongo set Twitter abuzz after he posted on Instagram that he had stormed out of the church following Ghanaian-born Heward-Mills’ homophobic comments.

Discussing the soul and sins, Heward-Mills reportedly said homosexuality was unnatural.

He said: “Which animal has one partner? It’s just like homosexuality, you don’t have male and male. You don’t find two male dogs, two male lions, two male impalas, two male lizards. You don’t find that in nature. That is unnatural. There is nothing like that in nature.”

Muller said he was against the comparison of human life to animals.

“We are human beings, not animals. In most animal species, the opposite sexes don’t pair for life; a mother would kick her weakest offspring out of the nest; and males would kill each other for the right to procreate.”

Muller said humans were not created to be like animals.