A seasoned writer  Ismail Moolla has warned the young people of South Africa to beware of Malema.

The latest election poll by the South African Institute for Race Relations has projected the EFF as being set for the biggest growth.

Undoubtedly the EFF will grow, but I don’t believe the election poll is anything to go by – it is never accurate.

If the EFF is set for growth, it is due to ANC policies of promises that do not materialise – the voters will defect to the EFF thinking that they can trust EFF leader Julius Malema to do better than ANC.

It is mostly the younger generation that is expected to vote for the EFF. Revolutionary Malema is known to be a big mouth, but it’s anyone’s guess if he will bring any good to our country. The younger generation must think carefully and sensibly before they cast their vote for the EFF – revolutionary tactics have no place in today’s politics.

The EFF with its supporters will help to take South Africa backwards, instead of our country sailing away to better economic trends with policies that uplift the economy, create employment and attract foreign investors.

With the growth of the EFF, and what I just mentioned above, it will be just the opposite.

Do we want that to happen? I pose the question to the EFF supporters.

Ismail Moolla