Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa has had enough of the extensive corruption, looting and swindling by the nation’s ruling elite.

He issued a hard warning to South Africa’s political leaders regarding their lack of integrity.

Ramaphosa narrowed his warning to his ANC comrades when he made remarks about the party’s decreasing popularity.

Ramaphosa said the culture of greed and lack of accountability amongst the ruling elite must be completely eradicated for the country to attain sustainable development.

He also condemned the deployment of unqualified officials to manage public services. That, he said, is a major contributor to the collapse of public services experienced in many municipalities, and the cause of epileptic corporate governance at certain state-owned enterprises.

“We must get the best people to manage affairs of our country. We must not put Mickey Mouse people into managing our affairs. We must put the right people in the right place.

“We must not be afraid to be accountable. We must not run around and hide when accountability beckons. You are not serving yourself and your family; you are serving the people of South Africa,” the Deputy President said.

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