The clannish, violent and nonsensical regular attacks on farmers is becoming intolerable and unacceptable in South Africa. This incident is coming on the heels of fresh cruel shooting of two more farmers after the previous murder of farmers last week.

A Clocolan farmer was shot and wounded in an attack on his farm near the Lesotho border on Sunday, on Monday.

The attackers had been waiting for Nicky Haddad, of the farm Howie, near the Peka Bridge border post, when he returned home from town.

It was one of two farm attacks in the Free State at the weekend and follows a spate of violent attacks on farmers recently.

The attacks came just days before Tuesday’s first debate in Parliament on farm murders.

 Police spokesperson Captain Phumelelo Dhlamini said Haddad was attacked as he was parking his car around 14:00 on Sunday. Two men ran out from behind the garage and shot him in the left arm and right leg.All the attackers stole was a cellphone belonging to an unidentified woman who was with Haddad. She was not hurt. The attackers fled on foot.

Police are investigating a case of attempted murder. No arrests had been made.

The chairperson of Free State Agriculture’s (FSA) law and order committee, Tommie Esterhuyse, said Haddad was treated in the Clocolan Hospital. His condition was not critical.

Esterhuyse said the attackers fled into mountainous terrain on their way to the Lesotho border.

According to Esterhuyse, a car arrived on the farm just after the attack, but sped away. They suspect the attackers were going to use it as getaway car.

He said in the other attack in the province at the weekend, two farm workers were assaulted on the farm Heuningspruit, near Kroonstad. The attackers stole solar panels and farm equipment.

Esterhuyse said it was time to stand together and help the police in their fight against farm attacks and crime. There is good co-operation between FSA and the police, he added. A senior member of the police’s field office was on the scene soon after Haddad was attacked.

Parliament will debate farm attacks and murders on Tuesday, the FF Plus said last week.

National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete had reversed her recent decision not to allow a debate on the matter, FF Plus leader Pieter Groenewald said.

He said they had pointed out to Mbete that not only white people were being affected, but farm workers too, and that the murders held serious risks for food security, the stability of the labour market, and economic development in general.

“Black and white are being attacked. The murder of 133 farmers out every 100 000 people affects everyone in the country.”