There is an ongoing protest in the eastern part of Sudan over the government’s decision to increase the price of bread.


The protest which started on Wednesday continued on Thursday and has claimed the lives of over six persons and got so many injured.


According to Channels Television, the angry protesters had protested over the government’s decision to raise the price of bread from one Sudanese pound to three (from about two to six US cents).


It was gathered that among the victims was a student identified as Moayed Ahmad Mahmoud.


This has since being confirmed by a local official and relatives of the deceased.


“The situation in Al-Qadarif is out of control and the student Moayed Ahmad Mahmoud was killed,” said Mubarak al-Nur, a lawmaker in the city 550 kilometres (340 miles) from the capital Khartoum.


Mahmoud was a university student, he said.


Nur called on authorities “not to use force against demonstrators, who are asked to peacefully exercise their right” to protest.


Witnesses at the scene also disclosed to AFP that the angry protesters on Thursday set fire to the headquarters of President Omar al-Bashir’s National Congress Party (NCP) in two locations.


Demonstrators in Al-Qadarif “threw stones at banks (in the city centre) and smashed cars,” resident Tayeb Omar Bashir told AFP by phone.


They then “moved to the ruling party headquarters near the market it torched it completely”, he added


A lawmaker also said that “Six people were killed and a number of people were wounded” in the city of Al-Qadarif.