Published On: Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

Man shows how he kills up to 4,000 mosquitoes EACH NIGHT using his dog as bait

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We all know mosquitoes is a big problem in Africa, with millions losing countless hours of sleep to furious scratching – and that’s without even mentioning the Zika virus that was recently reported

There are plenty of solutions out there, of course, but for those who live in damp areas, the sheer size of mosquito swarms can be overwhelming.

But now Dan Rojas of YouTube channel GreenPowerScience has unveiled a brilliant way to trap thousands of the mini beasts every night – and it’s all ecologically sound.

Rojas’s plan revolves around a key piece of equipment: High-powered industrial fans.

The fans – which according to retail for around $100-300 online – do the job of trapping the mosquitoes overnight in their thousands.

To ensure that the bugs – as well as pollen, leaves and other items – don’t get caught in the mechanism, a mesh screen is placed across the mouth of the fan.

That screen is held in place by rare-earth magnets, which are powerful enough to resist the pull of the fan.

‘They get rusty, but they still work,’ Rojas explains, as he traps the mesh in place.

Of course, mosquitoes are not famous for being obsessed with fans; they’re attracted to the carbon dioxide exhaled by animals with each breath.

To that end, Rojas drafts in his rescue pitbull, Rocky, who hangs out in a cage between two of the fans – though he stresses that Rocky never gets bit, and always sleeps indoors at night.

So after tapping the dead insects’ bodies off the meshes and onto a sheet of cardboard, he can then leave them out for lizards, ants and other creatures to consume.




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