Tosin Olugbenga reacts on his twitter page on poor economic policy of this present Muhammadu Buhari led-administration.

It is shocking, Nigeria is not among the 10 growing economies in Africa 1] Ghana 8.3% 2] Ethiopia 8.2% 3] Cote d’Ivoire 7.2% . 4] Djibouti 7.0% 5] Senegal 6.9% 6] Tanzania 6.8% 7] Sierra Leone 6.3% . 8] Burkina Faso 6.0% 8] Benin Republic 6.0% 9] Rwanda 5.9% 10] Niger Republic 5.2%.

The present led-administration of Buhari has no policy direction as regards economy. They only have social investment programs. Trader money, school feeding, NPower. These are meant to complement a sound eco’ policy not “be the eco policy”. SIPs are like alms, they never lift the poor out of poverty.

According to him, Nigeria is now no 41 in Africa with 1.9% economic growth and some people who actually went to school and pay school fees are shouting next level. Nigeria was Number [1] in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 until Buhari took over everything crashed and crumbled. Buhari is a failure.

Even if Buhari has removed your brain & pack sawdust inside, you should still be able to reason small. Nigeria was the 3rd Fastest growing Economy IN THE WORLD in 2015 when Buhari took over everything crumbled and we are now 88th growing economy in the world. Buhari has failed