Published On: Tue, Sep 11th, 2018

5 steps to Make Your Android Smartphone More Secure

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When it comes to our smartphones, we always try our best to be security conscious to prevent virus or malware from infecting or damaging the device. Even though the operating systems like Android and IOS are built to be secured, once in a while if we are not careful, some virus or malware might attack the smartphone. In view of this, we have put together some tips to help you keep your Android device safe.

Avoid installing Apps from third party sources, as some of the links are not secured. Google will not manually check all the Apps before adding them to the Playstore, but when added, they still scan apps for viruses and malware. Usually, applications will be allowed to the store once they are clear of these threats. So the solution is disable the installation of apps from outside Google Play Store.

Adding a pin to your smartphone will provide the needed security, this method has been used for a long time now. Their are new methods of device security like Fingerprints, iris scanning, face recognition, and voice recognition,  but they have not been developed well enough to be considered safe enough. Your pin combination should also be unique. Most users might add their date of birth, but Most thieves already know that about 25 percent of the population uses their birth year as their PIN, and that will put your data at risk.

Apps like Email, browser or money-related needs extra security, which is why apart from your device pin, it might be necessary to set another pin for this important Apps. This will provide another of security for your smartphone.

Another method of security in your device is to check the permissions the app needs. Confirm whether these permissions correspond to the purpose of the app. Even though Apps are scanned in the playstore, App permission should be carefully considered. For example, a flashlight app would not need access to your location. If you are in doubt, you should stop the installation.

This feature was provided by Google to continually scans your phone for suspicious activity or misbehaving apps. In case you download apps with viruses, this feature will warn you before any damage is done. Just go to your system settings and click on ‘Security’. All toggles should be activated.

We all have some important informations on our Android devices which is why it is essential that we apply all the above security measures. This we prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands incase you phone is stolen.

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