English Premier League Returns

Since March, the English top-flight has remained dormant over health and safety concerns for both the players and the fans. However, the EPL is gearing to make a comeback, with all the 20 teams calling their squads back to camp for full-contact training. The dates for the remaining games have also been set. Here’s everything you want to know about EPL’s resumption.

When Is The EPL Resuming?

While “Project Restart” was initially scheduled for 12th June, clubs voted for the 2019/2020 season to resume on 17th June after meeting all the set safety requirements. On that date, Sheffield United is set to visit Aston Villa, while Manchester City will host Arsenal at Etihad. The two games were pre-arranged, meaning that they have a game at hand.

Players have been training since May, though strict social distancing measures were initially put in place. However, clubs voted to re-introduce contact training while getting ready to resume action. Currently, there are a total of 92 matches remaining, and all these games will be played behind closed doors.

Have The Game Dates Been Confirmed?

For most Betway punters and EPL fans, the league’s return signals a great future after months of no action. However, most people are still wondering when the remaining matches will be played and the TV stations they will be aired.

So far, the EPL has confirmed the dates for the first three matches and the stations where they’ll be aired live. If you’re a fan of English Premier League betting with Betway, you can enjoy the Friday matches from 8 pm, while Saturday matches kick-off at 12.30 pm.

On Saturday, there will be several more matches kicking off at 3 pm, 5.30 pm and 7.45 pm, while Sunday games start at 12 pm, 2 pm, 4.30 and 7 pm. However, Monday games will be kicking off at 8 pm, while midweek fixtures will kick-off at 6 pm, 8 pm, or 8.15 pm.

Where Will The Games Be Played?

Currently, the EPL plans to host the matches at the clubs’ own stadiums, though neutral venues could be used. However, that will only happen if it’s considered a necessary measure by the relevant safety advisory and emergency services groups. Other games might also be played on neutral grounds if there’s a localized lockdown.

According to a statement made by the league on venues, the EPL aims to complete all the other remaining fixtures at home and away grounds. The league says it’s prepared for any outcome, and a neutral-venue contingency plan has already been devised.

Will All The Remaining Games Be Available On The Radio And TV?

All the remaining 92 games will be available via live broadcasts through EPL partners like BT Sport, Sky Sports, Amazon Prime, and BBC Sport. The EPL has also confirmed that all the remaining games will be available on a national free-to-air radio station in the UK.

Sky will air a total of 64 games on TV, with 25 games being available on Free-to-air channels, including the Everton vs. Liverpool game. BT Sport will broadcast 20 games live, while BBC will show four games live alongside their normal match of the day highlights.