Published On: Thu, Sep 29th, 2016

Top 6 Secrets You Need To Know When a Relationship Is not True.

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For some, Love is blind, others, it’s sweet and adorable, and few,it’s wicked. This article will help you know when you are in a false relationship. These are 6 top ways to find out if your relationship is true or false.

[1] No Limitation.

Most people behave like bosses when they are in a relationship. Things like putting their phone on password, don’t go through my chats or messages, don’t ask me who called, don’t wear this and don’t wear that, I need my privacy. etc. It now seems like a dictatorship not a relationship. The guys are normally faulty of this.

But as lovers such should not come into play. Their should be transparency among them. Even if one feels [he/she] is too strict, some little amendment of that should come but when its not, them such affair is not fair.

[2] S*x Oriented.

Its very common in Africa that s*x is the main priority to most people in a relationship. Everyone wants to have a taste of it. When there is love, sleeping together doesn’t count, what matters is what you both feel at that particular moment. I am not saying s*x is not good, but don’t put it in mind as your first priority. Your partner should be able to make you smile outside of bed.

[3] Bad Communication.

Communication is the key for every true relationship no matter the distance. In a relationship, bad communication truly sucks because much attention will not be given to each other and one may not be able to speak freely. If you truly love someone, no matter how far you are or how busy you are, you should make time for your partner.

[4] Bad Attitude.

Attitude simply means how u carry your self and the way you behave. Pride, Ego, Negligence, argument are sighs to know a true or false relationship.  There should be Understanding, Compatibility, Love, Attention and Feeling.

[5] Trust.

Its very difficult to feel trust in the heart of people,it doesn’t come easily to lovers, but for a relationship that have lasted over one year, at-least, there should be 60% trust in it. but when both lovers still fight over trust in other to see prove and at the end get hurt, them such relationship sucks.

[6] Money Oriented.

Its obvious in our society today that most people indulge in a relationship because of what they stand to gain or achieved, so they go as far as pretending or putting on a new mask. such people are heartless and wicked. they don’t feel love and they are there to hurt the good ones who want love. such is fake and not real..Above All, love is all About Action, Everything else is just a Word..

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