The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Uche Secondus has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari over his statement on ballot box snatchers.

Secondus who initially accused the President of declaring war on Nigerians, again accused him of craving for the blood of Nigerians and planning to waste lives in the forthcoming election.

He stated this on Tuesday, during the PDP National Executive Committee meeting.

Secondus said: “Before I end this address, let me emphasise once again that Nigerians are tired of President Buhari. And of a truth, over three years, killings and killings and now you have ordered that more people should be killed. Why do you like blood? I want to ask you, Buhari: Why do you like blood?

“Why do you want to kill your country men and women — for the sake of election? That you must be President? You know you are not God. Buhari, I’m addressing you, you know you are not God.

“All your actions in the last three years are against the people of Nigeria: hunger, killings, unemployment; you are not sensitive to it. Even in your party, you divided your party. You have been a divisive leader. You divided your party in Imo, you divided your party in Ogun State, just for you to be President. And that’s how you have divided the country.”