Senator representing Kaduna Central District, Shehu Sani has condemned the body bag comment made by the state governor Nasir El-Rufai.

Governor El-Rufai had during an interview on NTA said that foreign powers who interferes with the affairs of the country would be returned back to their countries in body bags.

Reacting to this, the lawmaker said the threat to kill foreigners who interfere in Nigeria’s election is a condemnable act.

He called on Nigerians and the International communities to take seriously the statement made by the governor against the interference of foreigners in the forthcoming election.

Sani also said that while the minds of Nigerians are set on the forthcoming election, the minds of others are set on bullets, body bags and coffins.

He stated this on yesterday through his Twitter handle @ShehuSani.

His exact words: The threat to kill foreigners who ‘interfere’ in Nigeria’s elections is a condemnable act. Nigerians & the Intl community must take this seriously.D sources & plots of violence is now clear. While our mind is set on ballot boxes & votes,their’s is set on bullets,body bags & coffins.