Published On: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

Reno Omokiri Blast Fr Mbaka And Tunde Bakare For Not Protesting The Removal Of CRK From Public School Curriculum

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Former special adviser to ex President Goodluck Jonathan,on media matters, Reno Omokiri, has taken to his Facebook page to blast Rev Fr Mbaka and Pastor Tunde Bakare for not protesting the removal of Christian Religious Knowledge from Public funded schools. According to him, Satan will be surprised at their quietness and that it would have been a different case if Goodluck Jonathan was the president.

In another post,Reno Omokiri, also called out Lai Mohammed for saying that they recovered $8 billion within two months from whistle blowing. He referred to him as a lair. In his words,
He wrote, “If not that The Bible established that Satan is the father of lies, I would have thought that Lai was Lie’s father and wished him a happy Father’s Day yesterday!”

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