The Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar has accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of lying that the election result of 2019 presidential election were collated manually and not electronically.

Recall that it was earlier reported that Atiku and the PDP released details of INEC server proving his victory over President Muhammadu Buhari in the Presidential election.

The former vice president also identified the server where the results were kept as INEC_PRES_RSLT_SRV2019 and its unique Mac address as 94-57-A5-DC-64-B9 with Microsoft Product ID 00252-70000-0000-AA535.

However, the INEC’s Director, Information and Communications Technology, Mr Chidi Nwafor, in his statement on oath attached to the reply, specifically denied the “server results” which the PDP and Atiku were laying claim to.

He said all the results were collated manually and were never transmitted electronically.

According to PUNCH, Atiku and the PDP responded by saying that INEC lied that the transmission of results was purely manual.

They made reference to several press statements issued by INEC insisting that there would be an electronic component of results collation.

Atiku and his party said there was nothing in the Electoral Act that barred INEC from transmitting results electronically.

They said INEC also lied when it claimed that its directive on election day was that card readers should only be used in areas where they worked.

The PDP and its presidential candidate added, “The petitioners shall at trial lead evidence to show that the first respondent (INEC) stated on several occasions before and after the elections that the use of card readers was compulsory.”

Further reports said, Atiku is willing to invite Microsoft, IBM and Oracle experts to authenticate his claim that the servers belonging to the Independent National Electoral Commission showed that he defeated President Muhammadu Buhari by over 1.6 million votes.