Speaking, the Commissioner said: “The Anambra State Government wishes to state for the umpteenth time that the reports which have been trending on the social media are completely false. Far from contemplating of defecting to any party, Governor Obiano remains both the National Leader of the All Progressives Grand Alliance and the chairman of the party’s Board of Trustees.

“He has, in the last few weeks, been campaigning vigorously for APGA’s candidates in the forthcoming general polls, including General John Gbor (retd), the party’s presidential candidate. He has been consistent in telling the huge crowds of supporters wherever he has been to vote for only APGA candidates.

“He has never asked the Anambra people to vote APGA candidates in some elections and candidates of some other party or parties in another election.

“Once again, the Anambra State Government wants to reiterate Governor Obiano’s policy of constructive engagement, as opposed to confrontation, in his relationship with people, groups and institutions. This policy means that much as there are differences in the political perspective with those who belong to parties other than his own APGA, whether at the local or national level, we must maintain a friendly disposition to all.”