The senator represnting Bayelsa East, Ben Murray Bruce, believed that president Muhammadu Buhari is dead and replaced by an impostor called Jubril from Sudan.


This was revealed on Thursday during an election poll on twitter.


The former Media Aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan had in his twitter page,reacted to the statement made by one American comedian, JimmyKimmel, who taunted president Muhamadu Buhari on the issue of him being cloned.


He said “Dear @JimmyKimmel, @TrevorNoah & @washingtonpost Nigerians take offence at your insinuations our President has been cloned. To prove you guys wrong, I‘m undertaking the following survey. If you believe @MBuhari has been cloned Retweet. Like if don’t believe #BuhariIsNotaClone


Reno however said that if you believe that Buhari was cloned you should “retweet”, and if you don’t you “like”.


Senator Ben Bruce ‘retweeted’ the post, which invariably means, he believes that the president is a clone.

Meanwhile, as at the time of this report, the number of people according to the online poll who believe Buhari has been cloned was 1,773 compared to 1,450 persons who believe the President is the same Buhari Nigerians voted for in 2015.

(Oriental Times).