Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has blasted the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Alhaji Atiku Abubakar while speaking at the Buhari Support Groups’ National Consultative Forum.

Tinubu called Atiku a merry go round politician who hops from party to another.

He also said the former vice president lack direction.

Read his speech…

“So why are we here? To remind the people of the 16 years of cold-hearted neglect suffered at the hands of successive PDP governments.”

“To remind the people that in four years and with fewer resources, President Buhari has created a better foundation for Nigeria’s future than all the PDP governments combined. One Buhari is worth more than the three PDP presidents who preceded him.”

“Atiku was with the PDP, with us, with another party then back with the PDP. He is a political merry go round and carnival all by himself. Ask him which party he belong to you, he must ask you what “year is it” before he dare answer…”

“Ask him the direction he is going, he will answer “North, South, East and West at the same time.”

“Just look at his relationship with his former boss, Obasanjo. At one point, the one despised the other. Obasanjo said he had asked God not to allow Atiku to become President. If Obasanjo once asked God to prevent Atiku…”

“We are entitled to wonder into whose ear does Obasanjo now whisper his support for Atiku’s venal cause?”

“This is what the coming election is about. They claim to be a “reformed PDP” then they select as their candidate Obasanjo’s VP who took the term “privatization” to its literal extreme.”

“Through plotting contrived sales of national assets to himself, Atiku sought to turn half of Nigeria into his own private property. He sought to run off with the goose that laid the golden egg while simultaneously staying put in order to milk dry the national cow.”

“If given a second chance at the national till, he will consume all he did not take the first go around.”

“While President Buhari worries himself daily about the plight of our people, Atiku and the PDP feast of their desire for power just for the sake of having power. They care not so they will do not.”