Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello was rattled on Wednesday when the organised Labour in the state told him that his administration is owing them for 39 months.

The state governor had a meeting with leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) at his office in Lokoja.

During the meeting the NLC Kogi state Chairman, Onu Edoka told the Governor Bello that his administration was heavily indebted to the state workers in terms of salaries, pensions and other entitlements.

“We wish to unequivocally state that His Excellency’s administration owes Kogi workers and pensioners heavily in terms of salaries, pensions, and other entitlements.

“We are more bewildered by the fact that at one time the government accepts the fact of her heavy indebtedness to workers, and at another time the denial card is played,” Edoka said.

He reminded Bello that as at the time he came into office on Jan. 27, 2016, the workers were being owed three months salary and pension arrears.

According to him, Bello’s administration received the allocation for Jan. 2016, thereby putting the responsibility of payment of salary of that month on him, and not the previous administration.

“You claimed to have spent the N20 billion bailout fund on payment of salary and pensions, but your refusal to utilise several years of monthly allocations for the same purpose gave room to the present backlog of salary and pensions.

“As at today, the outstanding salaries and pensions arrears are in six different categories, ranging from eight months to 39 months.

“Apart from salaries, the current administration has not paid any leave bonus since inception. The implication is that leave bonuses for 2016, 2017 and 2018 are outstanding against this government.”

Edoka added; “There is, therefore, a moral burden on his His Excellency to explain to the people of the state what his government did with all the refunds, the monthly allocations and internally generated revenue running into hundreds of billions of naira, since the inception of this administration.

“We challenge the state government to a live debate on these issues on any national television,” Edoka stated.

The NLC chairman urged the governor to stop denying he is owing workers and carry out his obligations and responsibilities which he owe the state workers.

Governor Bello, who spoke after the NLC has made their submission assured them that he will address the issue of backlogs of salaries and pensions.

While urging them to support his administration, the governor added that his government has tried it best in developing the state and welfare of the citizenry.