Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has blasted the Nigerian media, says they are accomplices in these crimes committed against humanity.


Fani-Kayode said the traditional media is ready to give coverage to those who speak for the terrorists and censor the voices of those who speak for the voiceless victims.


He stated this yesterday through his Twitter handle @realFFK.

He wrote; “Why is the Nigerian mainstream media always so ready to give coverage, newspaper space and television airtime to those who speak for the Fulani terrorists whilst they always attempt to drown, censor and black-out the voices of those who speak for their voiceless victims?”


“The conspiracy of silence that the traditional Nigerian media wilfully and actively encourages and supports makes them accomplices in these crimes against humanity. In Nigeria it is a crime to shout out when you are being subjected to genocide, ethnic cleansing and mass murder and it is an even bigger crime to speak out against and criticise those who perpetuate it. Thank God for social media! The traditional media are mainly in the hands of the oppressors and their collaborators.”


“If it were left to the traditional media in Nigeria they would tell us that we have won the war against BH, that the Fulani terrorists were a figment of our imagination and that political correctness, servility, deceit, docility, stoicism, insensitivity to the suffering of others and the acceptance of subjugation and slavery were virtues.”


“We are a nation of quislings and cowards who are incapable of standing up against injustice,tyranny and evil.We worship our oppressors and tormentors whilst we despise,slay and sacrifice our heroes. No wonder the 1st and 4th most deadly terrorist orgs in the world flourish here.”