The British-Nigerian political activist and the leader of one of several Biafran separatist organisations, the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, has alleged on Radio Biafra that the person in Aso Rock is an imposter not Muhammadu Buhari.


Nnamdi Kanu Special Broadcast from the holy land of Israel to IPOB families all over the world on 10 November 2018.


According to the leader of Biafran separatist organisation, Jubril is a Sudanese imposter imposed on Nigerians by the ruling party APC, somebody they didn’t vote for.

Tonight I shall attempt to prove with facts, evidence and statistics that black Africans and especially Nigerians are the most backward, unreasonable and idiotic species of humans on earth. I will use the issue of Jubril the impostor from Sudan pretending to be Buhari to awake humanity to the deficiency in the reasoning of black people from Africa. I will also demonstrate that a significant number of black Africans are primitive, backwards and incapable of reasoning. I want to prove that Europeans are not the problem of Africa that Africans through their poor sense of reasoning, is their own worst enemy. Of course there are a few reasonable ones left but their number is so insignificant that they hardly make any impact. They are the ones I feel sorry for.

I want confirmation this night that we are live and direct to all nooks and crannies of Biafraland on our FM, satellite, Radio Biafra App, Tinein  App,, and other platforms. Those of you who can in urban areas should get loudspeakers to enable your neighbors partake in this blessing tonight. If you have not installed a satellite receiver for your village or town where you come from or grew up, I suggest you do so immediately. We are shaking the foundations of the Zoo. The satanic edifice to corruption and evil is crumbling before our eyes. The have resorted to cheap blackmail, lies, character assassination and innuendo. We are not going to vote and there is nothing they can do about it.

This issue of imposing a foreigner, a fraud and un-elected pretender to preside over the fate of 180 million people is the greatest tragedy to befall Africa. This historic fraud was not perpetrated by Europeans but blacks themselves. They did it to cheat, pillage and loot the treasury dry. They are using this joke from Sudan, that doesn’t even look like Buhari- who never address any live press conference or the country at large. A man who Aisha feels repulsed appearing beside. A man who claims to be Buhari but can’t speak Fulfude. A man who never meets the people. A man who suddenly doesn’t fall sick again or have the need to have a medical check up.

This is a new brighter younger Buhari who doesn’t feel the need to be seen with his wife anymore or have his children operate from within Aso Rock as they once did. After this program tonight, anybody who goes on blaming white people for the poverty in Africa, should be hanged. We Africans are stupid beyond stupidity.

When this shameful phase is over, Abba Kiyari will be one of the richest men in the world and Nigerians will carry on in their blissful ignorance as if nothing happened. Last week I issued a challenge to all Nigerians to demand that Jubril remove his cap is he’s confident the dead Buhari redirected in him. He refused. We know the original and now dead Buhari once wore a black suit with bow tie to show of his western orientation. Why can’t Jubril do the same thing to prove me wrong and end this scandal once and for all time. He won’t remove his cap because he is not Buhari. The world is a witness to this monumental fraud and deception but have chosen to keep silent. Luckily for us, Jubril cannot conceal his ear. No two ear lobes are the same. Go and check the ear lobe if your wife and children or even twins and tell me if they are the same. You will find out they are not. Photographs showing the late Buhari’s ear abound. I challenge anybody to compare the ear of Jubril and that of the dead Buhari and tell me they are the same. They are not and can never be because Jubril is not Buhari. He is a fraud manufactured for the purposes of maintaining stranglehold on power. They have an arrogant born to rule mentality. So they believe they can do anything and get away with it.

President Trump even gave us a hint but we are too dumb to pick up on it. Black Africans never fight evil. A dictator in Africa can rule to his heart’s content because he knows the masses will never rise up. Slavery was ended by white people not blacks. Africa is littered with totalitarian regimes lording it over the masses still the majority of people at the receiving end of their savagery are paralysed with fear, ethnic bigotry and self hate. They are powerless!

Tonight we also remember BLACK NOVEMBER 10TH 1995. Today we remember the  wickedness of One Nigeria,  the gruesome execution nine Ogoni  intellectuals by a kangaroo tribunal set up by one Hausa Fulani jihadist known as Gen,  Sani Abacha. The presiding judge in that trial is one Justice Abdul-Kafarati who is today the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court. He is the same judge that granted ex-parte motion to the government of Nigeria designating me a terrorist. His reward today is the position of Chief Judge. It is this same position that the corrupt John Tsoho from Benue State is angling for. He is one of the most corrupt judges in the world. I shall get to his case later. But one thing is very clear. If I take the case of Jubril’s certificate forgery to the same corrupt judge, he will throw it out.

Oh! they were the very best the Ogoni people had and they all were killed in one day, courtesy of British Nigeria.

We remember  #Great_Kenule_Benson_Saro_Wiwa ,

And for your sake I will not rest until Nigeria ceases to exist.

Dasuki and El-Zakzaky are still in jail. Innocent IPOB family members are still in jail because of a corrupt judiciary. Good and strong judges like Binta Nyako, Nnamdi Dimgba, Justice Kolawole, Justice Ademola are in fear of their lives because they refused to be bought. Because of my case they slammed corruption charges against the husband of Justice Binta Nyako in order to blackmail her into subverting the cause of justice. Any right thinking person knows that I am without fear before my enemies. The corrupt rulers of Nigeria wanted to assassinate me. I remain convinced that British government were notified before the deadly raid on my house that resulted in the death of 28 of my men, my cousin and Jack my family dog. The Emir of Gummi, Justice Lawal Hassan Gummi (retd.), says refusal to obey a court order is another form of corruption, noting that government must exemplify the change it promised before expecting citizens to follow suit.

Criminal and corrupt judges like John Tsoho and Kafarati are busy working for a corrupt government who are hellbent on subverting the cause of justice. This was the same John Tsoho that an Appeal Court called a liar and took him to cleaners for sitting in Appeal on his own judgement. A judge who cannot interpret simple straight forward constitutional provision is the fool Abba Kiyari ran to for assistance to embarrass my sureties and my friend. I am in Israel and I can assure this shameless corrupt judge who should have been sacked by now, that I will shred him live on air.

What this ruling by John Tsoho will do is to make Abaribe more popular than ever before. A government of terrorists, by terrorists and for terrorists. John Tsoho has made a mockery of Nigerian judiciary.

THEME: “Abaribe and the other sureties are the ones that should be suing for Mandamus against the Nigerian army for contempt of court” ….

I implore all to listen attentively to what I have to say this evening regarding the evil called judiciary in Nigeria.

The state of affairs before the invasion was that I was free on bail on a subsisting court order; my bail was not on personal recognizance but on a bond posted by a third-party obligor/surety; and I was neither judicially-ordered to be re-arrested for breaching his bail, or on account of any new charges filed.

It is beyond argument that the invasion achieved complete routing of my home and caused fatalities and injuries to a yet to be determined number of people, including myself, who were present and trapped at the premises throughout the attacks. The invading forces also ‘captured’ an undetermined number of occupants of the premises, none of whom is accounted for to date. Most significantly, I was not seen or heard from since then until I got to Israel.

The inevitable question that has arisen from the foregoing set of facts is this: What are the consequences of such an obviously deadly military action against an accused person who was free on bail? The following analysis will provide some answers.

At common law, a bail is simply a binding promise by an obligor or a surety to produce an accused in court whenever required to do so. Any monetary or property item offered by the obligor to back up his promise becomes the bond that he stands to lose should he fail to produce the accused when required to do so by the State. In other words, a bail bond is a written contract in which the State is the Promisee, and the obligor is the Promisor. The accused is merely the subject matter (or the res) of the contract. And the fundamental purpose or consideration is to have the accused appear in court by compulsion of the bond.

So, just like any other contract, a contract of bail is subject to universal rules of contract, including – in this particular case of myself – an implied covenant on the part of the Nigerian State that it will not in any way interfere with or impair the ability of the obligor (Abaribe et al) to produce me whenever required to do so. This includes the covenant that the State (Nigeria) will not take any steps with the res (the accused, the subject of the bail) that will increase the risks of ‘flight of safety’ or the extra-judicial killing of the accused, which will inevitably lead to nonperformance by the obligor. Had the army of Nigeria succeeded in killing me on the 14th of September 2017, will the same Nigerian government that sent the army to kill me be in a position to ask a corrupt a judge like John Tsoho through a quack desperately hungry lawyer to seek the arrest of Abaribe and the rest of my sureties?

So, when the Nigerian State, through her Army invaded my home, it breached the basic covenant that required the Nigerian State (or the Federal government) not to create a situation that will make it impossible for the obligors to produce me in court. And given that my death, mortal wounding or capture are the foreseeable consequences of the invasion, the contractual doctrines of frustration and force mejeure also come into play. Unfortunately not many Nigerian lawyers and judges are intelligent enough or endowed with the requisite common sense to understand this basic and simple principle of common law. Now do you see why I call Nigeria a Zoo populated by animals.

It is trite that the occurrence of force majeure (or superior force) relieves one or both parties from the duty to perform the contract obligations. The rationale is simple and that is: The force majeure event  – in this case, the military invasion – is a supervening event or circumstance that was beyond the control or contemplation of my sureties or even myself when the contract of bail was executed. A military invasion is specifically deemed a typical force majeure event under every human legal system, especially one that was as targeted and vicious as this one against Nnamdi Kanu.

It can also happen that, in certain scenarios such as this case of mine with the Zoo government, that a unique force majeure event will raise the prospects of another contract killer known as the  ‘doctrine of frustration’. Under this time-honored doctrine, a contract (including a bail contract) will be deemed frustrated if its fundamental purpose (my appearance in court) is destroyed or traduced to the point that my appearance in court becomes impossible or even onerous. In such event, the sureties or the promisor in the bail contract will be discharged from his obligation to produce me the accused. I should no longer be expected to appear at my next scheduled court date because nobody can guarantee that Buratai, Jubril and corrupt Igbo political leaders will not make another attempt to kill me. Assuming that as it turned out, I was not killed or captured but he managed to retreat to safety in Israel, is it reasonable (or even safe or wise) for me to emerge in plain sight of an army arrayed and on strict orders to kill me? That will be foolish.

Now, consider this: A Nigerian State that had me on trial for certain offenses – in the course of time – released me on bail posted by another. Then, the same Nigerian State ordered its army to invade my home with live bullets and other munitions. Then, the death of 28 people at that location ensued from the attacks; and some lucky ones not killed were captured. During all of these, I was confirmed to be at the location – trapped and being shot at in barrages and with intensity. Consider for once that I am human; now there are only two things that could have resulted from this, and they are – I was either killed or captured by the Nigerian army. So, how can anyone now expect my sureties to produce me in court. Or is it expected of me to magically emerge from nowhere and stroll into Binta Nyako’s court like a cat with nine lives.

Yet again, there are other myriad of legal, constitutional and international law consequences arising from all these. The most obvious one is that the Nigerian Army and those that command it, even from the highest levels, are clearly in contempt of a Federal High Court by launching military attacks against an accused person (a ward of the court) who was free on a judicially-ordered bail. The second violation is constitutional and fundamental and it is found at Chapter IV of the Nigerian Constitution which Justice John Tsoho is ignorant about, to which the army and its commanders are subject. The third lies in the flagrant breach of the ‘African Charter On Human And Peoples Rights’, which is legally enforceable in Nigeria. Then, there are others, mostly of the diplomatic and penal kinds that will surely come in the course of time.


I am the only person that have the guts to tell the world the truth that even Britain knew about but refused to come clean on it. This is international conspiracy of immense proportions. Igbo politicians, Yoruba and of course Fulani are all in on it. Sultan of Sokoto, Bukola Saraki and Rochas Okoroawusa can all testify that Buhari is long dead and replaced by someone from Sudan. An open season of blackmail have just begun. They all know Buhari is dead if not why would…..

1) Olusola Oke an APC chieftain from Ondo State: “APC should not force me to talk”.

2) Rochas Okorocha: “if I talk, Aso Rock will be burnt down by Nigerians”.

3) Gov. Amosun of Ogun State: “if APC pushes me I’ll  talk”.

Nigeria is running a government of blackmail and counter blackmail.

The assignment I gave to all of you last week, only one person was able to complete the research. I was so impressed with the accuracy of his research that I am tempted to go through some of his findings.

Listen very carefully then take your time and do your own research after this program:

1. Buhari collapsed during my court case on Tuesday 17th of January 2017. He was immediately rushed to London via Casablanca where his presidential Jet made a stopover. Go and check the log of the presidential Jet on the 17th of January to understand that Buhari stopped breathing when they made an emergency landing in Casablanca to pick up a life support machine. Buhari was put on a life support machine in the aircraft in Casablanca and flown to London.

Upon arrival in London he was rushed to hospital where he underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor and ease the pressure on his brain. The surgery was successful but Buhari was too weak declared brain dead on the 20th of January 2017 although he was still still on a life support machine.

When the news hit the northern ruling class they went into a state of shock. The doctors did all they could to revive him but it wasn’t successful.

2. The life support machine was switched off on the 27th of January 2017 and Buhari pronounced dead. His corpse was flown to Saudi Arabia on the 28th of January 2017 for internment. The flight log of the presidential Jet recorded that it flew to Saudi Arabia from Luton Airport on the 28th of January with Buhari’s dead body on board.

3. The work to bring in a replacement for Buhari started immediately afterwards. A few senior APC members were taken into confidence and informed about the switch from Buhari to Jubril. Rochas Okorocha is one of those chosen to keep the secret in return for the empty promise of Igbo presidency in 2023. The Fulani cabal headed by Abba Kiyari started to work on Buhari’s body double with the help of some consultants in Britain. Aisha Buhari was then formally told to go Saudi Arabia for the burial of her husband which she did and came back to Nigeria claiming she went to Mecca to perform a lesser Hajj.

4. The story of Aisha being barred by Mamman Daura and Abba Kyari from seeing Buhari was planted in the media to give the impression that Buhari was still alive.

5. In June/July a carefully choreographed drama of Buhari starting to receive visitors in London,it was played out for gullible Nigerians via APC media platforms like Channels TV, Daily Trust, The Nation and Sahara Reporters.

6. Initially the story was that Buhari was always laughing. It was at this point that expert voice coaching was seriously at work after the initial facial surgery on Jubril. There was no video of this new Buhari only poorly photoshopped photographs.

7. Buhari supposedly arrived Nigeria in July.

8. The Buhari wasn’t holding meetings or seen in public.

9. The Buhari became more vicious (even beyond his own evil threshold).

10. Nnamdi Kanu alleged he was Jubrin, buhari’s look-alike from Sudan and not Buhari.

11. My good friend Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) had a private interview alleging that the thing in Aso Rock was a body double (Buhari’s look-alike, Jubrin from Sudan) masquerading as president Buhari.

12. AIT was threatened with calamity should the interview be aired.

13. The interview was pulled and AIT paid off.

14. Ango Abdulahi had earlier alleged that Jubril is fake and a Buhari body double.

15. The Army was sent to attack and kill me so that the information will die with me, unfortunately for the Army, I was evacuated by my men and reappeared in Israel.

16. The attack was most unwise and was too risky for the country Nigeria, yet it happened because the cabal wants the story dead by all means.

17. The military attack on my person backfired.

18. The alleged double (Buhari’s look-alike, Jubrin from Sudan) doesn’t look up the few times he’s in public.

19. Jubril seems 15yrs younger and shorter than Bukola Saraki.

20. Jubril has a different earlobe. We shall dwell on this later.

21. Jubril has a full set of hair unlike the bald Buhari. Should he agree to remove his cap the world will know he’s not Buhari.

22. The alleged double is darker brown.

23. No one undergoing chemotherapy would have facial hair intact at the time.

24. The new Buhari sees without glasses.

25. The new one has a different nose; beaked like an Arab’s.

26. Remembered the rat or mice infestation saga that made him stay away from his office for weeks? It was all a smokescreen to cover their lie! The real reason was because the fingerprint of the new Buhari couldn’t open the door to the office of the dead Buhari. Abba Kiyari and his gang of thieves cooked-up the story in order to buy time while switching the old security doors for a new one. replace with new ones. Everything in the president’s office was removed and replaced with new one before the fake Buhari entered.

27. Zahra now complains to ministers and not her “father” anymore.

28. All Buhari’s children and his wife are no more in Aso Rock, the wife is under oath not to say the truth or she will be killed by the Cabal.

29. UK and USA know the truth but used the opportunity to negotiate for more lucrative economic deals with the cabal.

30. In other to satisfy external interest and embezzle more money by the Cabal, Nigerian economy is now headquarters of poverty in the world according to global ratings index. The Cabal is not interested in improving the economy of Nigeria, they are like Yahoo boys or kidnapper who has kidnapped the entire economy. Since the fake Buhari entered, have you witnessed a major project going on anywhere in Nigeria? You only hear of promises and 1000 lies from Lai Mohammed on a daily basis. A little reasoning and research will reveal to an average discerning person that everything I’ve said so far is the truth.

Who brought a Sudanese man, made him to undergo plastic surgery in London and unleashed him on the dumbest most cowardly population on this earth? The simple answer is Abba Kiyari and his gang of thieves. Had they chosen another Fulani man it wouldn’t be much of a problem because at the very least the impostor will be seen as a Nigerian but the issue here is that they went all the way to Sudan to pick somebody to impersonate Buhari. This is the height of deceit, this is the highest form of evil.


Did the Queen send a condolence message to the Buhari family and Nigerians or not? Her Royal Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II sent a message of condolence to the family of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari and the people of Nigeria. This was widely reported at the time but those whose instinct is to hold power at all cost refused to hand over to Osinbajo. A doormat has more value than the position of VP. Fulani caliphate consistently overshadowed and overruled Osinbajo and that won’t be any different under Atiku and Peter Obi.

Though there were no official reports on the death of Buhari, the message of condolence from the British monarchy did set alarm bells ringing in core Arewa North. Fulani caliphate were taken unawares and that put them in a state of despair. Because of what Femi Fani-Kayode said about the curse of the throne on any and every Fulani man that enters Aso Rock, Abba Kiyari and his gang recruited four people to undergo facial alteration surgery and voice coaching to assume the persona of Buhari to fool gullible Nigerians into thinking Buhari is still alive.

African Union held a meeting in Addis Ababa on the 2nd of February 2017- true or false? At that meeting a minute silence was observed for the departed Buhari. AU minutes are there to authenticate this information but I know that the corruption machinery will swing into gear to erase every trace of that in the coming days.

There was a particular picture of a lifeless Buhari, before the onset of rigor mortis lying brain dead on a London hospital bed. That picture confirms beyond every reasonable doubt that Buhari is dead. Even some sources within the presidency, confirmed to me that Buhari died and was buried in Saudi Arabia.


The Presidential Jet that took Buhari to London departed Luton Airport for Saudi Arabia on the 28 of January 2017. I will provide more details and timelines when the experts arrive from the US to explain the details of Jubril’s DNA to the world. Buhari is dead and buried in Saudi Arabia. The log of the Nigeria Presidential Jet confirms this fact. We also expect them to delete the log but the whole world knew that the presidential Jet was parked in a London airport from the day Buhari arrived after making a stopover in Morocco to pick up a life support machine. Again I will ask the Nigerian government to deny the fact that Buhari’s Jet did not make an emergency landing in Morocco. So anybody tampering with the log will only end up putting themselves in more trouble.

There is fraud going on in Aso Rock, not just the fraudulently fabricated certificate but the person of Buhari as well. Jubril Aminu Al-Soudani is an impostor. He is not a Nigerian and neither does he come from West Africa. He has a full set of hair and not bald like Buhari. He doesn’t speak Fulfude which is indigenous Fulani language that Buhari spoke fluently. Anybody with information on this impostor is hounded, blackmailed or killed. Rochas Okorocha knows the truth and I will suggest that he come up with it before it’s too late for him. The truth must be told because Abba Kiyari and his co-conspirators have taken 180 million people for a ride. If there is any confirmation that black Africans are fools, this case of imposition of Jubril on an ignorant population is it. Buhari is dead, the younger looking certificate forging impostor in Aso Rock is a Sudanese brought in to pretend to be Buhari.

Had Abba Kiyari taken the hint and declined to field Jubril for the 2019 elections, perhaps they would have gotten away with it but the fact that he had the affront to field a fraud, he will go down with Jubril. Your Sultan of Sokoto is part of this Satanic cabal that imported Jubril a Sudanese to rule over you. Why did Queen Elizabeth write a condolence letter if Buhari wasn’t dead?

In a message of condolence, the Queen described Buhari as “one of Africa’s pillars”. She wrote, “The death of President Buhari came to us as a shock. He has been one of the active pillars in
Africa. May the good people of Nigeria and Africa know that our hearts are with them in these hard times.”

The Presidency denied these reports that the Buhari had died and subsequent release of carefully doctored photos put attempted to put to rest the rumors but the message of condolence from the Queen brought further confusion and exposed the cabal that runs the presidency as liars and deceivers. The truth is that Yoruba people in APC are cowards and failed to push for Osinbajo to be sworn in as the president when Buhari died. The same thing that happened when Ironsi the then military head of state was assassinated by TY Danjuma and Brigadier Ogundipe failed to take over from him as the highest ranking officer in the army but instead chose to succumb to a Fulani army recruit that threatened him with a gun. Had Ogundipe succeeded Ironsi, there wouldn’t have been any Biafra-Nigeria war. The Gowon inspired extermination of 5 million Biafrans would not have happened.

The Yoruba people in APC failed to learn from the bravery of Dora Akunyili who boldly announced that Yar’Adua was dead thereby paving the way for Jonathan to ascend to the presidency. These are some of the intrigues that the masses are unaware of.


Nigerians are obviously ignorant of the game called face doubling. This was done to the son of Saddam Hussein such that even the American CIA found it heard to trail the real identity of his son when he was finally captured. The woman Aisha Buhari is certainly aware that this is not the Buhari she got married to. That is why she hardly appears near him. Courtesy demands that Prince Charles and Camilla should be received by the president and his wife but Aisha was nowhere to be found. Did Nigerians not see the picture of Prince Charles in Ghana with the king and his queen? Nigerians should reason like humans not wild animals. Where is Aisha and why is she not beside Jubril all the time if indeed he is her husband as diplomatic protocol demands?

Now is the time for people to start asking questions..

Britain cannot say they knew nothing about this. Archbishop of Canterbury allowed the Anglican Church to be used as rubber-stamp what is in essence an international fraud. Nigeria has a bad reputation for fraud but what some countries have done with the imposition of Jubril is the greatest fraud in human history. If the Anglican Church at the highest level is involved in this fraud, so also is the government of Theresa May. A modern democratic, civilized country like Britain should not be party to a monumental fraud like this. Britain is well aware that we black Africans are a bit thick and dumb, very gullible and not too bright. As the creator and proxy ruler of Nigeria, is it not the duty of Britain as a supposed upright and morally sound country to put a largely ignorant population of Nigeria on the path of the straight and narrow?

People must ask themselves this question, why has this man, the new Buhari, refused to grant press interviews? What suddenly changed about Buhari’s health. The man who was in a vegetative state suddenly stops frequenting the UK hospital, looks 15 years younger and 8 inches shorter. He still cannot speak Fulfude the Fulani language. He has steadfastly refused to remove his cap or take a picture in a suit as the late Buhari did. Why is the carbal at war with Aisha?

However you look at it, the truth is that Jubril cannot contest for elections in 2019. He is not academically qualified because he has no certificate as required by INEC. There is something about INEC requirement which cannot be circumvented by mere intimidation of the judiciary. PDP and other political parties doesn’t want to push this because they know any forced removal of Jubril will precipitate the collapse of the Zoo and emergence of Biafra that is why all the criminal political class and the almighty creator Britain is doing all they can to distract our attention from Jubril.

For those who do not know, certificate forgery is an offense under the law in the Zoo Nigeria. Jubril must be prosecuted. I am very much aware that the whole certificate saga was engineered to deflect our attention away from my expose on Jubril but they are mistaken. I can assure them that they have failed woefully. Nigeria is evil. Everything about Nigeria is evil. Nigerians are evil, the judiciary is a greater evil and their governance is the worst form of evil known to man.

The political class is a group of finely selected voracious criminals intent on impoverishing the masses. They have no conscience nor regard for human life. In Nigeria you will come to the realization that there is something deeply evil about black Africans. Nothing is done the proper way as things are done in civilized countries. Nigeria will go down in history as the greatest mistake Britain ever made.

INEC, WAEC AND INEC are all institutions of corruption must be held accountable. They manufacture corruption even where non exists. These are some of the agencies that must be held accountable for this fraud called Jubril. Fulani caliphate have ruled Nigeria more than anybody else that is why Nigeria is still in a mess. When cattle herders are elevated to rule human beings often they can’t distinguish between their beloved cattle and human beings.

Secondly both the late Buhari and now Jubril committed fraud and forgery by obtaining what is in essence a fake result. By brandishing a fake result and calling into the question the validity of WAEC issued certificates, Jubril and the Fulani cabal that manage him should be put in jail. There is no need talking about fight against corruption when the impostor in Aso Rock is corruption personified.

Nigeria is a fraudulent country full of fake people with fake promises. From Abacha’s constituent assembly to Obasanjo’s political reform conference to Jonathan’s Confab, the same oil dependent, lazy allocation sharing northern Fulani cabal are the ones that made sure it never saw the light of day. They are so lazy that they base their entire future on oil and proceeds from the south. Who can blame them. The British placed them in a very good place. When a largely illiterate population is given control of a modern economy, the only likely outcome is disaster. Buhari never completed any school program or course in his life but he made it to the rank of Major General because he is Fulani. Have we forgotten that APC said they will restructure but never did. They even included it in their 2014 manifesto. Today they have made an about turn and unleashed the most criminally violent regime in Nigeria’s modern history. Atiku will not restructure anything either because if he was sincere, he would have outlined the processes he will take to achieve it. The only restructuring that Nigeria has ever undertaken is the restructure of Jubril’s face to make him look like the dead Buhari.

The truth remains that Muslim North never wanted one Nigeria. Sir Ahmadu Bello whose hatred for Igbos is well known and documented, never wanted to be in the same country with Southerners. He did not hide his hatred for Igbos and other so-called Nigerians and this is supposed to a founding father of modern Nigeria. To his credit and advantage of the north, he insisted on regionalism. You can call it devolution or region autonomy but that served the interest of all the ethnicities in Nigeria before the foolish Nzeogwu coup that precipitated the primitive militaristic unitary one Nigeria political structure that exists today. Gowon’s creation of 12 states on May 26, 1967 marked the beginning of the end of the Zoo Nigeria as a progressive union or state. Rather than devolve power to these news states, Gowon only ended up entrenching a centralized command and control of a primitive political and economic order.

Nigeria, the great British Zoo in Africa will never be developed in the real sense of the word as long as things remain the way they are. The level of mutual distrust, hatred and resentment along ethnic lines will make the survival of Nigeria virtually impossible. Who would want Middle Belt communities to live with Fulani terrorists that have been slaughtering and ethnically cleansing them from their land for years? Those that advised Gowon to create a unitary, natural resource dependent political order should hang their heads in shame. Gowon and a succession poorly educated Fulani soldiers that led Nigeria and are still leading her through a cloned Sudanese is the problem that Nigeria have.

Let me quote Pat Utomi who succinctly captures the essence of this backward uncivilized Nigeria, “Somehow, we’re expecting the hand of God to fix things. But, count the cost, Nigeria is the most miserable place to live on the planet right now. That is the cost. Check any indicator. Nigeria is at the bottom of almost everything. There’s a price. Somehow, we joke about everything.
We’re not surviving; millions of people are hungry and dying out there. Everywhere in Nigeria is a war zone. If we don’t fix this, we’re dealing with an existential crisis.”


Prince Charles witnessed the Zoo at its finest when he read a speech with a Chinese made rechargeable Lantern in Abuja. “Nigerians outraged!”  was the predictable media reaction but as usual no lessons will be learned or was learnt.

Their outrage usually last for about 24 hours after which they all return to their get your PVC nonsense. When you thought that Nigeria couldn’t sink any lower, they just did. Prince Charles witnessed first hand what it feels like to be in a country run by illiterates. Common electricity that was discovered nearly 300 years ago, animals in Nigeria cannot generate. A reputable online site reported “The British crown prince visiting Nigeria has been seen spotted reading his speech with rechargeable lantern in Abuja”. That was how most newspapers reported it. This development sparked outrage across social media platforms as Nigerians reacted to the photos which surfaced online. Unbelievably the event was aired on CNN for the whole world to see what a disgrace Nigeria had become.

We all remember what is being said about 2019 Elections. The famous quote we hear always is “If Nigeria Fails, Africa Fails” according to the US Ambassador. What the honorable ambassador should be saying instead is that if Biafra fails to stand, Africa will be doomed for eternity. Without Biafra, Africa is doomed for eternity.

Only in Nigeria will instrument landing equipment be stolen at a Nigerian airport. An equipment meant to aid the take-off and landing of aircraft has been stolen at Benin Airport, Edo State, South-South Nigeria, the state government said. “The Edo state governor, Godwin Obaseki, has condemned the theft of part of the Instrument Landing System (ILS) being installed at the Benin Airport,” a statement issued on Thursday by the Edo State Government House, Benin, said. The Benin Airport is owned and operated by the federal government. This is the type of country we Biafrans are expected to be a part of.

Fulani caliphate are the real sponsors of Fulani terror herdsmen.
How we have all forgotten the horrors of Fulani herdsmen who have now taken to rapping our women in Delta State. How can those of you in the Middle Belt suddenly forget that this Jubril presidency issued a public statement where they asked their citizens to choose between their land and their life. Femi Adesina a Yoruba man in the service of Fulani caliphate shamelessly wrote that people who are victims of unprovoked attacks from Fulani terrorists should surrender their land if they want to live.

When Gowon was shaping this Nigerian monster with his countless military decrees he never thought his people with be at the receiving end of the Fulani hegemony he created. His blind hatred for Igbos and anything Biafra drove him deeper into Fulani hands. Today most of his people have been displaced by the very people he served throughout his life. We hear that all he now does is to lead prayer groups. He has become a prayer warrior. The same mindless savagery he instituted against Biafrans is being visited upon his people. As most people very well know, the glue holding Nigeria together is hatred for Biafra and anything Igbo. Fortunately all Biafra ethnicities have woken up to this reality. The only people still wallowing in ignorance are Igbo politicians still gripped with fear and cowardice, hence their belief that only by being obedient to the caliphate will they maintain their importance, title and political office.

Let us look at election primaries:
Rochas Okorocha wants to install his son in-law in IMO so he can build a little Emirate in the heart of Biafraland. But today his political fathers in the north that rejected him twice in PDP before he ran to APGA which he later dumped for APC, have shown him that he’s a nobody.

Utomi also criticised all political parties in the country for how the recent primary elections were conducted across the country.

He said, “Every party’s primary was a joke, we know that. Our country is in deep trouble and real patriots need to step up and begin to think how do we fix our country. This is not the dream that the founding fathers had. Something has to be done.”

The conveyor belt of corruption:
Where is Jega? This is the reason why I said that Nigeria is a heaven for criminality and fraud. Nigerians are the dumbest animals in the world. They have been beaten into a state of stupor that I suspect their ignorance quotient must have increased a hundred fold. If INEC can accept a forged certificate on which basis Buhari contested and won the elections in 2015, why should INEC as presently constituted be allowed to continue running elections?

It is getting hotter by the day.  Buhari’s certificate has become a serious issue.  Read this


I want to re-state categorically that Buhari has never completed any course or obtained any authentic certificate anywhere in the world.

1. WAEC/CAMBRIDGE GCE: – Buhari did not sit for the Cambridge examination in 1961 as his names (Muhammadu, Mohammed or Mohamed Buhari) is not in the UK Examination body’s list of candidates names from 1960-1962

2. His name(s) is also NOT on WAEC candidates names in both Ghana and Nigeria Offices from 1960-1962. Any attempt by Buhari or his agents to present any document to INEC representing WAEC or GCE certificate will constitute an offence of forgery, perjury and impersonation. Jubril-Buhari can never contest for the presidency in 2019.

3. CERTIFICATE/ARMY RECRUITMENT: – Buhari presented no certificate to the Nigerian Army in 1961 when the late Ahmadu Bello conscripted him from his secondary school to join the Nigerian Army. He did not finish his secondary school. The only paperwork came from his school principal, stating thus-

“I consider that he (Buhari) will pass west African school certificate, with credit in English, Maths and three other subjects”. This letter is self-explanatory. You cannot pass an examination you never sat for.

0. NIGERIA DEFENCE ACADEMY (NDA): – Buhari did not attend the NDA as claimed. He attended Royal Military Forces Training College (RMFTC) for months (End of 1961 to the beginning of 1962) for normal army recruitment and physical fitness training. This is not a certification programme. RMFTC was renamed NDA (established on the 5th of February 1964), and regular courses were introduced thereafter.

0. UK MILITARY TRAINING: Buhari attended the Aldershot based Mons Officer Cadet School. No Certificate was issued to Buhari as he passed no examination for the short period he was in the UK in 1963. Cadet School information corroborates this.

0. DEFENCE SERVICE STAFF COLLEGE, WILLINGTON, INDIANAPOLIS USA: – As usual, Buhari attended the staff college and did not sit for their examinations. The Defence Services Staff College, Willington does not issue a certificate of attendance to its attendee in 1974.

0. US WAR COLLEGE: – Buhari left this College in 1980. He has in his Wikipedia page that he was offered a Master Degree in the same college in 1980.

0. THE US War college  have confirmed that they started their Master program in the year 2000 and there is no way Buhari would have gotten a Masters degree in that college in 1980. Again, no certificate was issued to him.

All these are veritable facts.

In the past few days Jubril-Buhari has been publicly issued a forged attestation certificate, after more than half a century. What a miracle! They gleefully took a picture, claiming the officials took the attestation certificate to him. Sorry Nigerians! You have just been deceived and scammed again. Buhari therefore is the most successful fraudster in the history of Nigeria if not the world.


If I were Jubril, I would not bother contesting the 2019 elections because he will be embarrassed based not just on his fake WAEC result but his fake persona.

* First there was no Class 6 in 1962.

* Secondly, woodwork and health science were not offered in 1962.

* Thirdly, he couldn’t have made A3 in History.

* Fourthly, this is an SSCE result sheet and not a British Cambridge result sheet.

* Fifthly, Ministry of Education, Katsina State is not an examination body and cannot issue exam result.

* Cambridge had asked Buhari to apply for a copy of his result sheet if any. Why has Buhari refused to apply for a copy? There is none.

* Sixth, Muhamed and Muhammad are not the same person.

Therefore, even if INEC awards him all the votes of 2019, he still stand disqualified because he forged his certificate. The world is watching and also taking note.

Those that pride themselves as intelligent or should I say intellectuals in Nigeria should speak up now or forever shut up their dirty mouths and sawdust brains.

I think Buhari should surrender himself for trial just as Fayose bravely did. Forgery is corruption. Lying under oath is perjury. He (Jubril) has no right to speak about fighting corruption when he is the epitome of fraud and corruption. This issue of Jubril lends credence to the racist slur that blacks are stupid. Because in all honesty some of us are.

For incontrovertible proof that Jubril is an impostor LOOK AT JUBRIL’s EAR & COMPARE WITH ANY PICTURE OF THE LATE BUHARI

This is the time for Nigerian journalists with conscience to rise up in defense of the truth. It was their fellow journalists that held the Nixon administration to account over the Watergate scandal that led to his impeachment. Nigerian journalists must write their own chapter now in the pages of history by publishing the truth about the impostor Jubril. If they do, this age will remember Nigerian journalists as those that upheld the truth.


A look at the picture of traditional rulers with Prince Charles shows the British government as the true owners of Nigeria at the centre front. With Fulani to the right hand of the “father Britain” and Yoruba to the left of the holy trinity out at the front. Then come the conquered people arrayed behind-Igbos, the Delta-Delta, naija-naija, south-south, oil-delta and oil-oil etc etc behind.

Our madness and ignorance did not start today. Since we had our first encounter with our European conquerors we have literally surrendered our ability to reason like human beings. As a prominent social commentator quite rightly observed. “We started losing it from many years ago when Ọnicha became Onitsha and Ọka became Awka without us complaining. Today we compromise on everything. This is the reason the people are ready to even jettison restructuring as to vote in another Fulani man who brought in Buhari in 2015.

This is why Obi of Ọnicha will comfortably take a back sit as a proud Igbo slave while the real owners of Nigeria will take the front seat with the great creator Britain. No wonder blacks are rightfully treated as animals all over the world.” There is no consistency, no coherent ideology, belief system or political arrangement. It is as if a black person cannot reason at all. Unless a white man confers legitimacy on a black person, Africans will never take note or notice of that person. This is the worst form of inferiority complex.”

Traditional rulers happily sitting to be photographed with Prince Charles is a disgrace. Shouldn’t Prince Charles be visiting them to pay homage. Can you imagine an African head of state summoning Her Imperial Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2 to Nigerian High Commission in London? But that was exactly what happened in Abuja with these supposed proud traditional rulers.

Our collective stupidity as black Africans didn’t start with the visit of Prince Charles. Many missionary priests brought in British soldiers to kill and destroy our forefathers during colonialism and trans Atlantic slave trade. Even today a certain priest in Aba have called on the same Nigerian soldiers that have made it their life’s mission to kill unarmed Biafrans, to arrest and kill Biafrans, his own people. But when Fulani terror herdsmen were busy slaughtering people in churches all over Nigeria, this very priest and many like him kept mute. In South America, South Africa and parts of Europe, priests climb the pulpit to denounce impunity and state terrorism but in Igboland a priest is happily announcing his intent to call the army to kill Biafrans.

During the Jewish holocaust in Europe, some churches opened their doors and offered their church to be used as sanctuary for those fleeing persecution but in black Africa, the church is being converted to an instrument of state to perpetuate oppression and mass murder. That a priest collected money from politicians to campaign for them in the House of God is an abomination and an act worthy of condemnation. That a priest wrote in a press statement that those agitating peacefully for their freedom should be shot by Islamic soldiers or Nigeria is an unforgivable sin.

When supposed men of God starts calling on murderous Nigerian soldiers to kill their own people, we wonder what is on his mind. The anarchy he is calling for consume him and Gov. Okezie Ikpezie he is campaigning for. This pastor has forgotten that British soldiers massacred our mothers in Aba in 1929 for daring to rise up to challenge them. In 2018 a priest is calling on the army again to kill our people, such a priest should not pastor

a church in Biafraland. He should be sent to Boko Haram north where churches are bombed, priests beheaded to appreciate IPOB’s peaceful approach to the no election debate.

IPOB at this movement will not entertain any dialogue or compromise. We are a
movement devoted to the enthronement of freedom, liberty and justice we lost to the British, who having conquered and subdued us, divided our land into Igbo and (Eastern Minorities) courtesy of Wilinks Commission- they call Niger Delta and handed us over to the backward Fulani caliphate. We are taking our stolen freedom back and nobody will stop us. Elohim has sanctioned it because he created us all as free men equal before the law. Fulani people do not know what it means to obey the law in a circular society. Atiku won’t give us freedom Jubril will continue to kill because the pursuit of the conquistador mindset of Uthman Dan Fodio is ingrained in every Fulani ruler.

Voting in Nigeria has never brought anything good to the people. From the British that rigged the census of 1953 and 1957 and installed their Fulani puppets It has been selection instead of election.
Every four years we have seen rogues rise up to leadership.
We have seen people without any known certificate take turns in raping us both politically and economically. This movement of IPOB is saying that enough is enough.

Fulani caliphate ie Fulani controlled Northern Nigeria and parts of Yorubaland like Kwara State where Wahabi Islam reigns supreme, is like a mini Afghanistan in Africa. Nothing good can ever come out of there. The British government handed power and wealth to them since independence and till today they have only poverty, disease and dependence on government handouts to show for it. Every year they spend millions of dollars feeding homeless Fulani kids born on the dusty streets of the north. They own the oil wells, they control the government, all ministries and parastatals, they control customs and every security arm, yet they are backward, poor and illiterate. A president that never passed any exams in his life died and they replaced him with a Sudanese. Nigeria is indeed the most miserable place to live on earth.

Unfortunately it was a succession of Igbo men put us in the mess we are in today in Nigeria. The same mistake Dr Azikiwe, Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi and Nzeogwu made, Nnia Nwodo, Dave Umahi and their kind are repeating today. Nigeria was never meant to be one.

Everybody should listen to the clip of the interview Sir Ahmadu Bello the Sardauna of Sokoto gave to the BBC. It has been in circulation from the earliest days of Nigeria, please listen to it again to understand how foolish those we call leaders in Igboland and Niger Delta have been. This is the mindset of Arewa North, they can never love you. They came out openly to say they hate you but those you call leaders with their supporting caste of baby saboteurs are busy telling us to abandon Biafra for one Nigeria.

Ohaneze Ndigbo is banned for life. They can hold their irrelevant gatherings in Lagos, Abuja, Sokoto and Kaduna but not on our land. If Nwodo is a man he should hold Ohaneze meeting in Igboland. If they gather, we will scatter them. Their meeting in MUSON Centre Lagos is irrelevant. These are men that met and conspired to kill me. Igbo traditional rulers met at Nike Resort and accepted money shared through Nnia Nwodo to support my assassination. I will mention the names of all those that supported Operation Python Dance. I am waiting for them to grant their usual One Nigeria nonsense interview them I will decimate them live on air.

The menace of Customs and countless checkpoints in Biafraland
We all head the news about Customs Officers that set up 15 roadblocks from Apapa Wharf to Aba main town all in a bid not just to criminally extort money from our people, but to punish us as a defeated conquered people. They are not content with making us import goods from Lagos that benefits the Yoruba economy and the government of Lagos State. Igweocha (Igweocha) seaport is only 60 km away but we are not allowed to use it. We are forced to endure police, army, road safety, NDLEA, Civil Defense and customs check points all the way from Lagos where the goods were properly cleared and certified to our markets in the East and South.

No Igbo politician, not a single one, has the mettle to challenge this apartheid system run by Fulani caliphate and supported by some Yoruba people. This is evil. There is no roadblock in the whole of the north where Boko Haram, Fulani terror herdsmen, Fulani armed robbers, kidnappers and various armed groups have made life unbearable for law abiding citizens. But in the peaceful land of Biafra, from Igbake in Edo State to Azumiri and Opobo every kilometer is another roadblock. This was the menace Nnia Nwodo promised to take up when he was appointed Ohaneze leader but till date nothing has happened because they sold themselves so cheaply to the caliphate for peanuts. No dignity, no respect, no honor.

The Evil Extortion of Biafrans business men is going on right now in Aba, Abia state. Some of our brothers who imported their goods down to Biafra land was stop in by Nigeria Custom officers after they must have cleared  their goods in Lagos.

The container  drivers had to block the major express road as a protest not to pay another money to the Custom officers who  insisted he must move the container to a specific location until he paid some bribe to them , suddenly the  custom officers started shooting  guns, some group of people came out and start shouting , IPOB , one family ,, the Customs officers  started panicing as many IPOB  members around the place started asking why they should be shooting  guns in a public place like this  and out of fear they  had to runaway with their Vehicles.

If our people can learn to stand up against these evil and corrupt government agencies that are hell bent to extort and kill our people in their land, things would get alot better as we march towards the restoration of Biafra.