It was gathered that the programme started on Monday and was focused on modalities for planting, licensing and extracting cannabis oil from Ondo state.

While at the programme, he commended the Thai Government and told them that Ondo State is known as the largest in the planting state of cannabis.

He said  “we are here to study how cannabis can be of more advantage to the state and Nigeria at large just  the way Thai Government has done. Cannabis is used for medical purposes; how can it be cultivated for specific purposes  and not be abused?”.

Also speaking, Col. Abdullah said the major trend is to look into how Cannabis can be used to make food and produce drugs.

They were also showed how to control cannabis, licensing, pharmaceutical benefits of Cannabis during a presentation at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Naresuan University, Phitsanulok.

During their tour at the University’s Cannabis research laboratory, the governor said Ondo state is prepared to partner with the Naresuan University Team.