Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2017

Ibe Kachikwu Reveals The Only Thing That Will Make Him Resign

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Ibe Kachikwu who was made the Minister of State for Petroleum after President Buhari won the election has vowed that his administration will produce enough fuel for the country come 2019 and if he fails to achieve it, then he will resign.

The Oil minister made this known while speaking as a guest on BBC Hard Talk in London on Monday. When asked to state when Nigeria will be producing enough fuel that will sustain itself, he said “I have said 2019, and that is the target that I gave.” he also confirmed to the interviewer that if that fails to happen he will resign.

He continued by saying that Nigeria by now is supposed to be processing instead of shipping;

“Let me say this; yes it is wrong, we ought to process rather than ship out crude. But look at all the efforts I have made in the last few months, including working with investors to begin to reshape the refineries that were comatose for many years.

“The President is there for two years and those refineries were down before he came. Since coming, we’ve been able to get them back to produce seven million litres versus zero. That’s not the 90 per cent template. We’re now refurbishing the refineries and I’ve just signed an agreement with Agip to build a new refinery in Nigeria.”

He added, “I’ve delivered on everything I promised when I came into office. First, I took the NNPC and moved it into a profit-making organisation, which was the first time in history. I removed cash call deficit of over $6bn and we renegotiated it. Everything that I promised, I’ve delivered and I will deliver on the refineries; I’m committed to that.

“And I will also deliver a future for oil that makes sense for Nigeria. But bear in mind that one has been there for one and half years, while the President has been there for two years, so I can’t pretend that we are going to solve in one day all the problems that happened in Nigeria in the past.”


Source:- Punch


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