President Muhammadu Buhari honours Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola who died 7th July 1998, the day he was due to be released from prison, yesterday, says if he had survived and become the President of Nigeria , politics in the country would have taken a different turn.


President Buhari stated this via a tweet on twitter on Tuesday and also in Abuja, when he received elders and leaders of thought from Ogun state at the State House,


According to News Agency of Nigeria, NAN reported that Abiola who ran for presidency in the year 1993, was coasting for victory when Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, the ten military President annulled the votes, Abiola was imprisoned, and later died in confinement while fighting for his mandate.



Buhari however recognized him as winner of that election and declared June 12th, the day of that election, as the Nation’s Democracy day to be celebrated every year to remember Abiola’s victory and sacrifice towards establishing democracy in the country,  he also apologized to his family and Nigerians for the injustice allocated to him which eventually led to his imprisonment and death.



President Buhari said; “MKO Abiola used his resources and energy to convince the whole of Nigeria that he was a true Nigerian and that all he wanted was a united and prosperous Nigeria, nothing else.”



“I thank God for the opportunity to honor him. May his soul continue to rest in peace.”



“I believe that if MKO Abiola had survived and become President of Nigeria, our politics would have taken a different turn, for the better. Our preoccupation with religion and ethnicity in politics wouldn’t have become as strong as it eventually came to be.”


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