Published On: Thu, Oct 12th, 2017

“We Hate Nigerians, They Must Leave Our Country”. South Africans Unites In One Voice.

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Thousand of South Africans have been asking the government to send all Nigerians packing to their country, with their reason been that the sell drugs, launder money and steals from them.

South Africa is country with different race and hardly agree on a common goal, but here they are in one voice calling for Nigerians to leave. Just yesterday a Nigerians was reported killed by the SAPS members and social media exploded with people saying they should be killed all of them.

Below are some of the comments we could grab;

“Nigerians r disrespecting our country,they can even get into the retail shops & swear de cashiers without a valid reason.Did u see how they walk in de streets of S.A?they walk de way they lyk & talking shit wen u r on their way.Even in Nigeria they don’t knw who is boko haram members in their community,so what if those who r in our country r also members of boko haram 2 check de situation.our Government & its leaders r just dick(penis).fuck dem all.” FB Commenter

Most of the Nigerians here in SA are criminal escapees or ex-convicts who fled their native country and other adopted states/countries since 1994!. In SA they are the most active with money laundering,drug trafficking,prostitution,human trafficking,Internet scams,cellphone scams,bank scams,CIT heists,murder,home invasions and affiliated to hijacking syndicates. FB Commenter

“No outsiders to be considered in brutality , sorry but blow them away thhis is our country and had to fight for where we are and no drugs lords are going to disturb our peace”. FB Commenter

“Where are those who like to say xenophobia….u see what these guys are thinking about our law enforcement, they think they are above the law.Those South Africans who like to protect them …..why can’t they talk now“…FB Commenter

“they above the law. Thieves! Drugdealers! organise criminals that invade your house then dont pay rent and lies in court! Very good liars! Not scared to do crime cause our Justice system is crap!!!”FB Commenter


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