The 1999 Constitution, as amended, states that Assets declaration is a MUST for every Civil Servants and political office holder in Nigeria.
The aim was to track and prevent Politicians and Civil Servants, from pilfering from the State or National Treasury.
One man who has consistently and publicly declared his assets, is President Muhammadu Buhari. He said in 2003 that he has 150 cows, in 2007 150 cows, in 2011 150 cows, 2015 the same 150 cows, and shockingly in 2019 same number of cows; then i ask ? This ‪Buhari‬’s cows are they using Condoms ?
Recall that the Assets declaration was contained in a statement by the Senior Special Assistant to the President, on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu.

“The duly completed forms were submitted to the Chairman of the CCB, Prof. Mohammed Isa, on behalf of the President, by Sarki Abba, Senior Special Assistant, Household and Domestic Affairs.

“The forms signed by the President and sworn to before a Judge of Abuja High Court, showed no significant changes in assets, as declared in 2015, by him. No new houses, no new bank accounts at home and abroad, same number of cows and there are no new shares acquired.”

Then I want to ask, does it mean that there are no new cows added to the 150 cows? These ‪Buhari‬’s cows, are they using condoms? If your cows do not multiply, how can ‪Nigeria’s economy grow under you?
Article culled from post-Nigeria.