According to National Helm, a woman was seriously battered by her husband following a misunderstanding between them.

It was gathered that this incident happened just a week after their wedding ceremony.

The woman posted pictures of her battered face on social media and this has attracted lots of condemnation from people.

She was reportedly beaten to a pulp which affected her eyesight badly due to injuries sustained.

However, the report didn’t reveal the location where the incident happened.

See pictures of the couple and the battered wife below…


It was also reported that a 32-year-old man was arrested in Niger state for allegedly beating his wife to death with a piece of wood.

The suspect, Jibrin Abu, who hails from Dabogi village in Lapai, was said to have killed his wife, Victoria Aliyu, over allegation of infidelity.

It was learnt that the suspect used a heavy wood to send his wife to her early grave after several warnings.

Further report from Northern City News said the suspect had earlier warned his late wife to stop taking calls from her male friends, but she reportedly ignored his warning.