A Nigerian police officer on Wednesday, allegedly killed an old man at Airport bustop in Lagos state.


According to report gathered, there were two policemen who accosted the man and demanded for hundred which the deceased refused giving them.


On his refusal, one of the police officer shot the old man on the head and pushed him inside the gutter and ran away before an angry mob got to the scene.


However one of them was caught and mercilessly beaten, he was also told to enter inside the gutter and bring out the dead man’s body.


As at the time of this report, the name of the man that was shot is yet to be ascertained. Likewise the name of the two policemen.


Below is the video…………


Nigeria is finished…what a shame! Policemen killing because of 100naira less than 30cents. Happening now in Lagos!

Posted by Blessing James on Friday, October 28, 2016