Yesterday in onitsha, a trailer failed break and killed many people standing on a pedestrian walk..


Today in Ilorin, a trailer rammed a taxi conveying some school children to School…. Unfortunately, road safety officials could not even rescue the victims on time and they all died.. The incident happened in front of road safety office.


Did they need to die?

Minimum wage in Nigeria is presently at 18,000. To get a driver’s licence is 17,500. This makes it impossible for many road users to be certified.. Many drivers on Nigerian roads are not licensed….


In a civil country were things work, when you drink and drive or drive wrongly, officials seize your license and you quit driving till you finish serving your ban.. This law applies to all whether you are a pauper or a rich man.


This way they reduce the number of deaths that happen in their roads.


Not everyone who dies by road accident died because it is the will of God like we assume a lot in Nigeria.. Many accidents happen because Nigeria is a failed state..


Even in city centers where speed limit should not exceed 40mph, the Nigerian system sees people going at 60mph or even higher..


What if the cost of acquiring a license is 3000 and government controls all driving school?


The sad thing is that another may happen and we will be told to pray for victims instead of working to forestall it.

Written by Dr Emeka Nwakuche