Is it proper for a husband to punch or slap the wife? What would you do if your Husband slaps you? Is It Proper For A Wife To Return A Slap If The Husband Slaps Her?

I have always questioned myself why I ever got involved with this man who derives pleasure in hurting me. He hits me at any little provocation.


I really don’t think its okay for anyone to slap another. Not at all. I’ve been there… I’ve had my Husband slap me at time because he was “upset” about something and wanted to blame me for it. So while I continue to believe that its WRONG to slap the other, he feels he’s justified in doing it.

Even later on, he has no remorse – only justification for his actions. Is it okay if I feel like shit later on or ashamed of myself for tolerating him slap and punch me so that he could calm down and just “get over it”.