Macron is French and marrying a much more older person than some of our brothers, if He were to be an African, he will make headlines that he married for papers or fortunes.
Marrying a much older person by blacks outside Africa or in Nigeria seems to be crime, if you are not tagged a yahoo yahoo boy,  or call you a gold digger, while some will say you married for Fortune Or Fame.
And now that its done by the whites doesn’t make the act right and that which was done by a black is wrong. What is sauce for the goose, is also sauce for the gander.
Africans/Blacks, we may not have a white skin as the whites, we may not have the various weather/climatic variations, we may not have all the technology they have but that doesn’t make us a lesser creation.
We have the brains, we have the population, we have the diversity and above all we have got the culture. Our problem is just bad leadership…
Although i have given up on Nigeria, after the last general election. But deep down inside of me, I am sure that we might get it right some day.
So… In my canniest state, I have resolved to be positive. Hence my dear Blacks/Africans… Stop condenming fellow Blacks over their choices while you celebrate the whites for their choices.
The truth is, different people marry for different reasons,: money, happiness, friendship, companionship, procreation, fortunes etc.
If you marry for happiness, don’t judge the person that married for procreation, fortune or fame. Life is a matter of the choices we make.
Written by Engr Victor Franklin A.