Despite the warning by authorities to people to stay away from fallen fuel-laden tankers, it was gathered that on Monday, a tanker which fell in Benue state exploded and killed villagers who came to scoop fuel.

This was confirmed by a resident, Mr Austin Nembe, who was an eye witness.
According to Nembe, the villagers were burnt death in the process of scooping fuel, when the tanker exploded.

He said; “You know that tankers are always partitioned in drums. So, the people went to the scene of the accident to scoop fuel.

“In the process of scooping fuel, there was an explosion, which resulted in several people being burnt to death.”

Meanwhile, the state police command is yet to confirm the incident.

Speaking on the incident, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Catherine Anene, said, “The DPO in Aliade confirmed that a fuel tanker fell on the road and that the villagers ignored the warnings of the security men and in the process, there was an explosion; many people were injured and rushed to hospital in Aliade.”

“The DPO did not mention the death of anyone.”