According to The Nation, the suspect identified as Ikenna was arrested on his way to a club with 10 grams of crystal meth suspected to have been brought from Mumbai.

Further reports said Ikenna travels to Mumbai every month to meet his source named Angel. He would then bring the contraband to Delhi.

The India Police had raided his house located  in Kardampuri in Jyoti Nagar area of India and recovered about 18 grams of cocaine.

This was confirmed by ACP Gokulpuri Anuj Kumar who revealed that the Nigerian is just the third man in the chain of distribution.

However, it was also discovered that Ikenna is residing in the country without a visa after entering the country in 2013 as a professional footballer.

During the interrogation, Ikenna disclosed that his football career hit the rocks with a bang which forced him to seek another source of income.