The NSCDC commander while briefing journalists on the incident said: “The men of the command later proceeded to the residence of the suspect and arrested him,” he added.

When answering questions from the journalists, Ihuaka said; “After drinking on that fateful evening, there was a heavy downpour and I could not resist the urge for sex; so, I had to use a local pistol to threaten my mother to submission and I later raped her.”

Further reports said that the suspect disclosed that he was not married because he does not have the finance yet as he was not doing anything tangible.

“I was not bewitched. I was under the influence of alcohol,” he added.

Meanwhile, when the mother was asked to narrate what happened, she revealed that the incident had happened before.

She said, “I was in the kitchen and saw him (Ihuaku) with a pistol. He used it to threaten me. He told me that he would kill me. I could not do anything other than to beg him to drop the gun.

“It was in the process that he threw me on the ground and it (rape) happened.

“I had to call on the youths the next morning, as the incident happened when it was already dark and damp. The youth later went to the NSCDC headquarters in Itu to report him, hence his arrest.”