Published On: Mon, Sep 3rd, 2018

Getting Rid of all your pubic hairs exposes it pathogenic bacteria -Health Practitioner

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Based on the title, you would have already predicted the flow of this post. Most contrarily to what you might have thought, however, this post has been planned to go a whole different way. The issue as to whether to, or not completely shave the pubic hair is a big debate that has lingered on. We don’t plan to keep it lingering, no! So, rather than state why it is bad to completely shave your pubic hair as is the norm, we will discuss the importance of not shaving the pubic hair.

The pubic hair plays an important role as the first line of defense of the vagina opening. It helps to prevent foreign particles like pathogenic bacteria and dust from entering the body. This region is sensitive and requires serious attention.

Why you naturally have pubic hair

Contrary to the falsely believed fact that humans have vestigial body parts, the pubic hair was created for a reason. As little, tender and insignificant as it might seem, the pubic hairs play a vital role in our overall well being. Nature never made a mistake! Here are a few reasons why she provided you with pubic hairs.

# Pubic hairs are there to keep your vagina clean and safe.
# They protect the vagina from friction and abrasions during sex and other rigorous activities.
# It serves as the first line of protection against bacteria, STIs, and even irritation during sex. This is especially because the vaginal region is a sensitive area.
# Pubic hairs prevent irritation in the genital area during sex.
# They keep the pubic region at a temperature appropriate for the perfect functioning of the Instruments.
# The pubes retain great scents (generated by pheromones). This scent transmits sexual signals that arouse and intensify a partner’s sexual desire.

Importance of not shaving the pubic hair

If up till this point, you are not still sure of your decision as to whether to shave or not, read on. While you do, try to pay close attention to the reasons that will follow. They will help you make a decision.

#1 Experience a healthier and fresher skin

Often, we irritate our hair follicles and suffer from inflammations in the bid to get rid of our pubic hairs. What’s more, constant waxing causes painful ingrown hairs or burns and cuts if using a blade. Put together, these occurrences reduce the glow and radiance of your skin.

#2 Slows down bacteria proliferation
Continuous shaving and waxing especially support bacterial build-up, and with no extra line of protection, they penetrate the vagina. This is capable of happening since the moist temperature of the region coupled with the redness, cuts and weak pores that may result, creates a favorable environment for the build-up. No shaving/waxing equals reduced bacterial build up.

#3 Lesser chance of contracting herpes
When you shave and create sores and wounds on the skin, you’re well exposed to the virus that causes STIs. Several studies in recent time have shown that completely shaved women are more prone to contracting genital herpes.

#4 Lesser HPV cases
HPV, short for Human Papilloma Virus is a deadly disease that is becoming common these days. While this disease with no symptoms can be transmitted without the individual even knowing, the pubic hair helps as a protection barrier. So, adults who shave completely have a greater possibility of getting infected.

Pubic hair myths busted

# It is an aphrodisiac

It is true that being completely shaved gives a lot of women some sort of confidence and hence better sex. However, it depends greatly on the couple. While some people prefer their partners to be completely shaven, a lot still like their partner natural and with all the attributes intact. Moreover, sexual satisfaction could go beyond the quantity of hair a partner has, especially when well-being is involved.

# Shaving is more hygienic
This is a big one! An increasing lot of people believe that shaving the pubic hair prevents bad odor. No! Bad odor really has nothing to do with your pubic hair. It is totally dependent on your personal hygiene.

Advice for shaving the genitals

If you have read up to this point and you’re still not convinced enough to stop removing your pubic hair. Perhaps because you feel more comfortable without it, we’re still together. Here are a few good practices to keep in mind while shaving or waxing.

#1 Trim the overgrown bush first:

Trimming saves your time by preventing the hair from getting stuck in the shaving stick. It also prevents the hair from pulling at your skin. Use a good pair of scissors.

#2 Work on your pores:
Have a warm bath just before picking a shaving stick, this will help open your pores and soften coarse hairs. If you don’t feel like bathing at that moment, with lukewarm water and a small towel, dab the pubic region

#3 Pay attention to irritation:
Don’t be quick to push aside even the little signs of discomfort after shaving or waxing. Apply baby oil, Aloe Vera, or a good conditioner if you notice razor burns, itches or any discomfort.

#4 Wear cotton under wares instead:

Cotton underwears give air complete access to the pubic region. Also, while you keep away from materials like Lycra, wear loose dresses for a while. This will help reduce the possibility of an irritation.

These practices will help you experience the least amount of consequences possible while you shave or wax your pubes. Enjoy!

My take? I know that in this age where we’ve taken the backseat and let fashion drive, it’s demanding a lot from us. Getting rid of our pubic hair is one. However, I believe we should refuse to get tossed around by practices which “might” be detrimental to our health and wellbeing. I believe we should choose health over fashion. I believe we should stick with trimming rather than completely shaving or waxing. This is my take.

What do you think about this topic? What are your views, what are your experiences? Feel free to express yourself here and on the blog too.

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