Another popular Nollywood actress, Monalisa Stephen has given a solution to depression and what one can do when committing suicide becomes the only option.

According to Vanguard, she said depressed people should think of sex and food as they are both sweet to let go.

She said; “Are you depressed and want to commit suicide? Wait a minute, just wait. Think about food and sex; oh my God, they are so sweet to just let go like that. No o, we die here o”.

Her suggestion came on the heels of several suicide cases the country has recorded recently especially among Nigerian youths.

Monalisa also dropped a bomb shelling word for men who see fat girls as sex objects.

She said; “Some of you see fat girls and you have nothing for them but to see them as a sexual object to warm you; that’s wrong. Fat girls are just human. Do not see them as a sex object or fetish. Some of you will even come and say “send me your nude”, nude kill you there.

If you really want a woman, then love her for whom and what she is, not trying to get to her so you can experience the rubbish fantasy you have in your head.

Don’t tell me you want a fat girl or you love fat girls. Good for you, it’s none of my business. I’m not your play thing, I’m just a normal girl.”